Take one incredibly hip jazz guitarist.

Add a virtuoso of every stringed instrument in the known universe.

Top it off with a multi-instrumentalist southern-rooted jazz vocalist.

and what have you got?


Click here to access our hi-resolution publicity photo
Click here to access our hi-resolution publicity photo


The Delegates of Rhythm play a funky, jazzy, bluesy, eclectic mix of vintage and original music they call Parlor Jazz. Drawing from the diverse sources of the Blues, New Orleans, Be-Bop, Western Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Jug-Band music, and Folk music, they provide an experience of all-acoustic, non-shredding, hi-interplay, vintage music from the American songbook.

Perfect for most any occasion, Kid Dutch and his Delegates of Rhythm are suitable for small receptions, massive festivals, fire drills, wine tastings, dog shows, supermarket openings and inaugural balls.

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