Jazztime Productions, L.L.C. offers these groups as a perfect fit for your next patriotic event, be it a Veteran's Parade, Picnic, Fourth of July event, Political Rally, Convention, etc.


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If you need a marching band or a band to play patriotic music for your next event, consider something a bit different:

The Perseverance Brass Band has the versatility and vitality to play Marches, Patriotic music and also, that most American music of all, JAZZ.

The Perseverance Brass Band plays "BRASS ROOTS JAZZ"(tm) - the music from which all other jazz forms arose. Over 100 years ago, brass bands playing in New Orleans started "ragging" and syncopating marches and popular songs. The Perseverance Brass Band continues the tradition today !

Music Samples:    March Salutation     Whoopin' Blues

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Bayou Stompers
- Happy Dixieland Jazz!

 It's that distinctly razz-a- ma-tazz, good-time American music!

Dixieland - with a dose of good humor and fun thrown in!

The Bayou Stompers is a red, white & blue, high energy 4-6 piece group guaranteed to make your event an upbeat success.





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