The New Orleans Style Jazz Funeral

Frequently after playing a spiritual or an upbeat gospel tune at a dance or concert setting, a fan comes up and says "When I die, I want to have a band like you guys at my funeral". As I am sure you are aware, funerals with music are a tradition around the world, especially in New Orleans where they are well known for their "jazz funerals".

I have been providing music for funerals for several years now, and WITHOUT EXCEPTION, members of the clergy say things like, "so uplifting", "Very powerful - everyone should have this at their memorial service...". Done correctly, the jazz funeral is a wonderful part of a celebration of life.

I offer this type of music in two packages:

The Perseverance Brass Band for those who want the full honors of an AUTHENTIC jazz funeral.
This is a 9-10 piece New Orleans Styled brass band which can slow march into the chapel to and provide a TRUE TO TRADITION, tasteful New Orleans-styled "funeral with music".

Kid Dutch and his New Orleans Music suitable for smaller events.
This is an authentic 4-6 piece New Orleans Jazz Band.
The band plays Spirituals and Hymns in a tasteful, New Orleans jazz style, seated in the chapel.

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